Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

Course: RecipesCuisine: ItalianDifficulty: Medium


  • TWF Thin Crust Pizza Flour 1kg Buy Now

  • Water 650g

  • Yeast 2g Buy Now

  • Olive Oil 30g

  • Honey 5g


  • 1. Make Dough
  • Mix water, yeast and honey. Rest for 5 mins or until foamy.
  • 2. Mix flour and salt separately and add to the yeast-water mix. Mix well with a spatula until no dry parts are visible. Cover and rest for 15 mins.
  • 3. Knead the dough for approx 20 mins, while adding entire olive oil, until it has a smooth surface. Apply olive oil and leave for another 1 hour.
  • 2. Shape Balls
  • After resting for 1 hour, divide the dough into 7-8 balls depending on the pizza size you want to make.
  • Shape the balls to have a smooth outer surface and keep it for proofing for another 3 hours (covered) or until they double in size.
  • 3. Make Pizza
  • Take 1 ball and cover in flour/semolina. Roll it out to a thin crust base.
  • Apply toppings and bake. If baking at 350-400 degree celsius, bake for 1-2 mins. If baking at 250-260 degree celsius, bake for 6-8 mins or until golden.


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