How To Choose The Best Flour For Diabetes?

When choosing the best flour for diabetes patients, it is important to look at certain aspects. For example, its impact on blood sugar levels, nutritional benefits, and the overall impact on health. The glycemic index (GI) and fiber content should also be considered.

Some tips to consider while choosing flour for diabetic patients are:

    It is better to choose whole grain options as they have a lower GI, like oats, millets, quinoa, etc.
  • Choose flours with a low to medium glycemic index. Whole wheat atta generally has a low GI.
  • Flours with high fiber are better for diabetic patients as fiber helps to slow down the absorption of sugar. This promotes better sugar control.
    Regardless of the atta you choose, it’s important to practice portion control. Limit your consumption of rotis or other food items made with atta to maintain a balanced diet.

We recommend the TWF SAIL Flour, which has a glycemic load 3x less than regular whole wheat rotis, no trans fat, and low saturated fats. It can be used to make rotis, paranthas, starters, halwa, etc. The glycemic load is < 4 per roti, and it is a recommended flour for diabetes patients.

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